Monday, 27 June 2016

Kunle Afolayan claps back at Emeka Ike for calling him a dunce.

Nice,long fingers.

Emeka Ike is at it again. Emeka, in an interview talked about the movie industry and the crisis therein,why he did not want Ibinabo's leadership and Kunle Afolayan and many others.

On Kunle,he said,
"Don't tell me Kunle Afolayan is making a fantastic movie. You gave him 200million Naira for crying out loud. The entire industry has not even used 200million before now to make movies for God's sake. So,if you gave a dunce that money he can get the best Producer. So,it is not a fantastic thing. You are not making me feel oppressed. 

Then Kunle replied,

"I do not respond to such. Emeka Ike is IRRELEVANT".

We await Emeka Ike's reply to this verbal uppercut.


  1. Is he a hybrid? Such long fingers will do well in slapping

  2. KunleAfolayan sure needs a reply from Emekus