Thursday, 23 June 2016

Linda ikeji,her mansion and the FIRS.

Linda ikeji is in the news again. No,Wizkid has not threatened to sic his nephew onto her. A more serious issue is on ground.

The Federal Inland Revenue Service(FIRS) has said that Ms Ikeji owes a total of N75million in back taxes.

A source in the FIRS,the popular blogger has been evading tax which has amounted to 75million. Reports say when asked about the ownership of the house,she denied that the tastefully furnished mansion belongs to her.

Another report says the N75million is the fine that was slammed on Linda ikeji for tax evasion.

Whichever it is,i will be happy if this issue will be thrashed out amicably. Again,she said the mansion does not belong to her. Please,we want to know who owns that very tastefully furnished mansion. Laura,maybe?


  1. Replies
    1. I have a feeling this has political undertone

  2. Haaa!! Denying the mansion ke?? Ok na....

    1. I rily hope this isnt true.. Waiting to read her own side of this gist .. Cos if one can buy a ppty worth 600m,75m na moimoi then.. Denying the ownership would b a bigbig let down on her part.. Hmm

    2. My dear,i dont know what they want from Ms Ikeji o.

  3. What did i just readd now.
    God help her..