Monday, 20 June 2016

Looking for a helper?. These are places to catch a rich Sugarmummy in the Garden City.

There are many places you can meet rich,young/not so young,decent and kind hearted ladies that need your help too.
The Garden city is filled with men who are so rich and busy at work that the partners are almost always lonely.
The town is filled with Engineers,who make oil rigs their homes. Their lives centre around work,money,work,club,car wash,work,church,work.


1. Classy hair dressing salons. If these salons have hair barbing session,voila,you will meet one there.

2. Wedding ceremonies at the Headquarters of these big name Pentecostal churches.

3. Rumuomasi/Mile One Market,especially on Saturdays. Those places look like highbrow car marts on weekends.

4.Revival Programmes of big churches.

5. The Emporium One,two and three.

6.Classy eatries.

7. That church at Airport Road.

8. Birthday parties at exclusive hotels. If you cannot get an invite,offer yourself as an usher or waiter for that day.

9. That upscale gym at GRA.

10. Swimming pools of big hotels. Wear your swim gear and please ,make sure your abs is ribbed. Not jiggly and big please.

11.Car parks of highbrow schools.

12.ABC Executive rides.

13. Post graduate classes.

14. Board meeting of companies.

13.Evening walks in highbrow areas.

14. Boutiques. Not road side boutiques o.

Also,be on the lookout for a jealous husband /partner.


  1. I heard ph women are young sexy and spends the oil money with ease. Let. Me start parking

  2. Daniella EventsJune 20, 2016

    What of that guest house off Odili road and the other one at Amadi flat?

  3. Irene, how you take know say sugar mommies can b found in d listed places above o?

    1. I wanted to ask too. Tell us abeg

  4. Thanks for this info,let me start preparing for that poolside