Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Man sets wife on fire over a minor disagreement.

It was totally a horrific sight to watch a human burn. Then more horrifying to be the victim.

In Benin City,Edo State,a man was arrested for pouring fuel on his wife and setting her ablaze. This happened at Ekodosin,Ugbowo ,near the University of Benin campus.
According to an eyewitness" I heard some noise and i thought it was a cultist clash until i saw people crying. When i asked them,they said a man poured fuel on the wife,light matches and ran away".
She continued," this woman was badly burnt,her weaveon peeled off on her and her skin was in layers. Very burnt. She was rushed to the hospital but they are on strike. I just wonder how she will cope with this bad burns and pain",she cried.



  1. The man needs to b jailed and key thrown away.. Haba ! Feel so sorry for the wife.. May God heal her

  2. That is so terrible...:'( :'( :'(