Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Our President and Meniere's Disease; What you need to know

Some of us are hearing about this disease ,Meníerè disease,for the first time. That is what they said our President has. Now,i did a little research and came up with this.
Read on please.

Meniere's disease is a disorder of the inner ear that causes severe dizziness(vertigo),ringing in the ears(tinnitus),hearing loss and a feeling of fullness or congestion in the ear. Meniere's disease usually affects one ear. 

Attacks of dizziness may come on suddenly or after a short period of tinnitus or muffled hearing. Some people with Meniere's disease have vertigo so extreme that they fall.These episodes are called "drop attacks". The disease can develop at any age but most likely to happen to adults between forty to sixty years. 

Treatment include:
Salt restriction and diuretics
Other dietary and behavioral changes
Cognitive therapy

As you can see,Meniere's disease is not life threatening. After his 10-day leave,i expect the President to come home and put things in order. 
Things have gone terribly wrong in almost every sector in our great nation,Nigeria.



  1. AnonymousJune 07, 2016

    The thing does not sound serious

    1. It does,my dear,considering his age.

  2. SaharaReporters has exclusively learned that President Muhammadu Buhari’s urgent 10- day trip to London to treat an ear infection may be extended because he also needs
    attention for “a terrible cough that has persisted longer than the ear infection.”
    In a statement, the presidential Senior Special Adviser on Media and Publicity, Femi Adesina, described his principal’s ear infection (Meniere's disease)as “persistent”.

    You are healed,Mr Buhari

  3. Haaa!! Wishing him speedy recovery. The only visible thing he's done so far s fight corruption,he still has a lotta things to do o..Get well soon Mr President

  4. Persistent cough? Tuberculosis or what?

  5. President Yemi Osibanjo.