Thursday, 30 June 2016

Parents of world's fattest 10 year old boy cries out for help.

This little boy is only but ten years old and he weighs a hundred and ninety two kilogrammes(192kg) already.

His name is Arya Permana and his parents have cried out for help. According to his mother,her son cannot walk unaided and his weight has greatly affected his life as he does not even go to school again.

According to Daily Mail,the boy's dramatic weight gain has seen several doctors examining him to know the problem,but unfortunately nothing was found wrong with him.

The boy from West Indonesia,eats five meals a day consisting of rice,beef,fish,vegetable soup and the local delicacy of tempeh. He eats a meal that can feed two adults at once.
Arya was 3.2kg at birth but started gaining weight rapidly after some years. His family has put him on a diet of brown rice in an attempt to help him lose weight. They have also cried out to international bodies to lend a helping hand as they fear their son may die due to morbid obesity.

Daily Mail


  1. A stapled stomach will take care of this bad obesity.

    1. Yes. Dr 90210,Dr Dubrow and others will turn him to a lil boy again.

  2. What the fuck happened here? This obesity is hormonal