Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Phone thief receives the beating of his life at Onitsha.

In an area of Onitsha called Pampam Lane,this man laid on the ground,weak,bloodied and swollen eyed.
His offence?. Resident said he stole a phone and they did not find that funny. His case was decided by the people and it was flogging galore. Every part of his body felt the lash of that belt and other "instruments of justice" and he must have thought that jungle justice would be his portion.

Some passersby later begged on his behalf and he was released to go and sin no more.

Now,i ask,why was he not handed over to the Police?.


  1. He is lucky. For Lagos or Warri,he would have turn to roasted goat.

  2. Somehow some Nigerians take delight in jungle justice and don't care if the person dies in the process... It's just very sad..

  3. AnonymousJune 14, 2016

    See beating becos of phone.

  4. But its just a phone...jungle justice sha