Sunday, 26 June 2016

PRAYER IS THE MASTER KEY:Read how a woman's prayer saved her from starvation

Prayers work wonders. That we know,but we need to support prayer with actions. Imagine praying for a terribly hungry man and leaving afterwards. He will be happy you prayed for him but the hunger pangs remain there.

Let me tell you a story someone told me when my group was trying to go on a charity visit. She said that the thoughts of a particular woman always comes into her mind whenever she was in her house. A voice always tells her to give the woman some foodstuff .Unfortunately,she did not have much at home,just three tubers of yam,some condiments and less wthan twenty  two cups of rice.  But the voice persisted.

So,one day,she called the young lady to her house and gave her one tuber of yam,ten cups of rice,some condiments and N500.She said that the lady started crying.,telling her that God really answers prayers. When she asked her what she meant,she said her husband,a plumber was being owed for the work he did for a man and only dropped N150 for her and the kids. That for days,she had been feeling bad because as a 
lactating mother of less than two months

old boy,she could not help out much financially. Also,her savings from the odd jobs she used to do has finished. 

She said that morning,she prayed with her kids,bought Indomie for them ,cooked and fed them. She was weak as she just ate not more than two spoons of the noodles and her son was suckling as if there was no tomorrow. Then God answered her prayers by sending a helper to her. She said the woman told her 
that when she was praying,a voice told her not to worry that a helper will come,but she did not believe it totally because times are hard and people are complaining.

She thanked her  and left.The kind helper also told us that she wants to help the young lady by getting her a job at a private school she knows(by next session)  because he young lady is eager to work but the son is still tender


  1. Very very true.. @prayer works wonders...

  2. AnonymousJune 26, 2016

    Imagine a man of "god" praying for a family which is facing eviction and not leaving 10kobo for their rent or even food. Oloriburuku mog

    1. Prayer works.
      Helping hand helps too