Sunday, 12 June 2016

Public Display of affection(PDA) or way of life?

Eye of love.
Public display of affection which is also known as PDA is the wanton display of affection for the cameras by a couple. This is mostly common with celebrities and we,the mere mortals

Now,let us analyse this picture. The couple is the Executive Governor of Rivers state,Governor Nyesom Wike and his wife,Justice Suzette Eberechi Wike.

In the picture above,she is seen dabbing her husband's forehead. So romantic

I love this picture. Governor Wike is just like a schoolboy here. Lol

In the second picture,she is seen busy arranging his outfit. Awwwww. From His Excellency's face,you will know it is not a new thing to him. He is not even helping her do it,he trusts her judgement.
They are in a world of their own.

I for one love PDA,but not when it is forced. Locking lips and placing a hand on your man's derrière do not a romantic woman make. Simple acts of love like these are good for the soul and relationship. It also makes a man function well.