Sunday, 12 June 2016

Sundays are for beautiful outfits.

Truth be told,most churches can simply be equated to fashion parade grounds. There,you see all sorts. The good,the bad and the absolutely ridiculous.

Every woman loves good outfits. I am a sucker for anything long,trousers ,gowns and *wink*. 
Sit back while I show you my pictures of my favourite outfits. Oh,by the way,i got them from Instagram.

More pictures....

I love skirts with slits. They are sexy and they rock.

Is this a skirt or just one wrapper?. I love.

Which one is your favourite?


  1. So true. Sunday service is the time to unleash some wicked metals and adorn colourful outfits.
    Our God is a good God.

    You sure have exotic taste. Keep them coming.
    No 1 and 8 are copied.

  2. Beautiful outfits.. Me like alllll