Monday, 27 June 2016

WARNING!! A new type of stealing now takes place in Kwara state.

If you live in Kwara State,please you need to be very careful. There are new crop of thieves that have decided to cause pain to people,especially women.

These thieves are hungry and eagle eyed young men who are absconding with people's pots of COOKED food. Their modus operandi is simple. They wait for you to add every condiment and when the food is nearly done or even done,fiiiaaaaaam,it disappears. 

According to a victim of such theft,
"I was cooking around 5pm in readiness for the breaking of the fast of the day. It was beans and I decided to use coal pot at the open backyard. I had added all the foodcondiment and was waiting for the broth to dry up. But to my greatest suprise,i did not see the pot again".

Another victim,a student,said her pot of soup was stolen while she was cooking it.

People that live in areas without perimeter fencing are mostly affected.  With the high cost of kerosene,this kind of stealing will continue because not many people can afford 210Naira for a litre of kerosene. Many people have resorted to cooking with firewood and this means more missing pots of food.

Who do we blame for this?



  1. Nigeria is gradually becoming a begging nation

    1. Begging,abi stealing?.

    2. Very soon,there will be nothing to steal again

  2. Chai.. Has it gotten this bad??

  3. A hungry man is an angry man