Friday, 17 June 2016

What do you think about this?

I read a story of a woman that almost lost her husband to her colleague. The woman and her husband had a party and friends /colleagues from both sides were invited. The wife's colleague secretly gave the host's husband her number and that was how a secret affair started. She was not that close to the colleague so she did not know what was going on but a few of their colleagues knew.

Apparently,the adulterous man promised the mistress marriage. They even started working towards their traditional wedding. The wife only got to know because she got a tip from an anonymous and kind hearted person. Then,the mistress was already 

It was a heartbreaking moment for her because her husband never showed signs of being in an affair. She felt cheated, lost and highly embarrassed because of all these while ,she was sharing her husband's love and affection with a woman that said hi to her every morning with a smile. Then,the reason behind her husband's frequent "official"travels,late nights and travelling to the village to "see papa" sank in. 

She made reports to everyone she could think of,their pastor(who totally kicked against the polygamy route Brother J was about treading on). It was war at the homefront,office and the church. The mistress resigned from that office and packed out from her neighbourhood.  

But her loverman refused to let go. He is still "in love".

In this kind of situation,who is to be blamed. The man(who let the mistress in),the mistress(who coveted her colleague's husband) or the wife(who invited non-friends into her home)?.


  1. AnonymousJune 17, 2016

    Men are useless a aswear. How cud you f*ck your wife 's colleague?

  2. The man and d mistress; How cld u promise ur wife's colleague marriage,na so e sweet am reach?abi she jazz am ni? D mistress for being a cold hearted b**CH,why date ur colleague's hubby, are dere no other men out dere DAT u can claim ni?? I pity d wife sha.. She shld just grab everything grabbable and live for her child(ren),marriage no b do or die biko. #uselessmen n women everywhere!

    1. I.jey...I forgot my promise. Will post tomorrow at lunch hour.

  3. I blame the man. Pussy wired men..

  4. I blame the man. Pussy wired men..

  5. His wife's colleague ko? Singing *in moments like this....*
    Can't type my comment maybe I'll email it Irene B.
    In summary, hmmm,*mmili eji mee garri, ana afukwa nia anya?* Water wey dem take do garri, dem dey see am?*