Saturday, 18 June 2016

Women love shopping. Then See hilarious pictures of their loving men at different shopping malls.

I love shopping. Window shopping and real shopping. Every woman does. But,what of the men?.

Men are impatient when it comes to shopping. But they can sit at a place and drink beer for hours or even work with a machinery for hours at a stretch.

To the woman,shopping is next to godliness. You know,you went into the mall to pick your body lotion and lo and behold,you look over to the other aisle and you see great looking shoes. No way,you must check those shoes out. Another 30 minutes gone and oga is still waiting,bored.

More photos....

 Some even sleep off. 

Unfortunately,we cannot stop shopping. The home needs good things. The body needs to be pampered and above all,we have to look good for our partners.

The best we can do for our men is to ask that comfortable seats be provided for them. Beers will make them wait with smiles on their faces.


  1. AnonymousJune 18, 2016

    My life and my dh's life. He will follow you to shopping mall and stand at a place looking at books.

    1. Lol. My dh would do that too

  2. Dh will sit somewhere by the corner like this bench area, cross his legs, open his device and start reading and replying his mails. Hahaha. No wahala. To him women are STRONG. umunwanyi nyiri anyi.

    1. Lol. To some of them,shopping is a complete waste of time.