Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Yeeeeeeeah!!!!!!. It is my birthday,baby

Today,21st of June,2016 is my birthday. I thank the Lord God for making me see the light of this new day.

Let me tell you a bit about my birth,as told by my dear mum. She was a teacher when she had me. She was trying to get a light lunch ready for my older ones,when she felt this sharp pain in her tummy. She sat down for a bit but the pain continued. It was not yet time for me to come but no be today i begin naughty na. She took a cab to the hospital and i was already coming in the cab. It was the cab driver that ran into the hospital to alert the nurses. Sharp sharp,i don come. No hassles,no much pain. Halleluyah somebody.

You see,i love books. Anything written. Novels,Encyclopedia,Dicktionaries,textbooks. Infact,anything at all.

The picture above is my dream birthday present.
I do not believe in birthday parties(ok,let me say the truth,i have used all my money to buy fuel). Just do me one favour,buy a bottle of drink,pop it and drink it and say "happy 21st birthday to you,Irene and may God bless you".

Thanks to y'all.


  1. Happy birthday aunty. I am even older than you.

  2. AnonymousJune 21, 2016

    Happy birthday to naughty irene B. Enjoy

  3. Happiest birthday dear..

  4. Happy birthday to you Irene. Wishing you many good things of life

  5. Happy birthday to you Irene B!

    Wishing you many more beautiful years ahead plus long life and prosperity!!

    Blessings to you!! You are unique..**HUGS**


  6. Happy belated birthday Irene B!!!
    May you live long & prosper.
    Age gracefully..
    More favour
    More blessings
    More open doors
    More grace now & beyond..

  7. Leewl! 21
    Happy birthday madam

  8. Happy birthday,Irene. Are you really 21? You sound older.

  9. Happy Belated bday Irene..