Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Aba,the Enyimba city has the worst roads in Eastern Nigeria.

Aba is in Abia State. Abangwa,as the town is popularly called,has the most amazing hardworking men and women who make millions out of nothing.
Aba roads nko?. Let's see Faulks road...

This road leads to Ariaria International market. That market where you can get EVERYTHING. I mean,everything.

I have trudged through one of these "rivers" and i have sworn never to visit that market again.

A good friend took me there so we can get gifts for a wedding. I was amazed because we just sat at a place and the guy took all our gifts and in a little while,he brought them back with inscriptions on them.

Before then, on our way to the market,the bus spoilt and the driver advised all of us to come down so that the conductor will push the bus. We did and the conductor pretended to push it a bit,jumped into the car and they sped off. Lol. We had no option than to put our feet inside the water(it was not this deep then ). I digress.

Well,the Governor of the state,Dr Okezie Ikpeazu said work will commence on the roads soon.


  1. Aba is like this?. I have a toaster that works at PPMC or is it nnpc Aba. So how can one pass this road? See winch

  2. **side Eyes**

    Is that soo?? Wooww!!! I am surprised oooo....kikikikikiki!!


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