Saturday, 9 July 2016

Another mega clash is brewing in PSquaredom

Remember the much touted Congo "mega show" featuring PSquare?. Well,Peter Okoye,the other part of PSquare has dissociated himself from that event.

He posted the disclaimer on his Instagram;

My take on this: Paul should let the name,PSquare rest,at least for now. Mr P is using his name ,he should use Rudeboy. From the write up,Peter still does not want Jude around them,but Paul does. So,how will this problem be solved?.How?.


  1. Thought there was a video showing paul n peter talking about the July 9 show..?anyway,make una sort unaselves out....

  2. Let the band break abeg the drama is becoming to much

  3. Peter again?He should go n rest

  4. Jude still remains the dividing factor