Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Between an ex-Governor and his married lover.

There is this story about an ex Governor of a very rich state who loves them married.
The ex-Gov is married but it is an open secret that he treats the wife as a hired help,flaunts his relationships before her and generally tramples on her self confidence. Has the ex First Lady divorced him?. No way. Remember,social media advices that it is better to stick to a rich,cheating husband and cry in his Rolls Royce than to leave his house and cry in a rickety cab. So,she is holding on and watching Warroom.

Latest news about this exGov is that he has entered a relationship that may get him arrested,maimed or both. He is dating the wife of a biiiiiiig guy. Both families live in the same neighbourhood and as always,the spouse will always be the last to know.

The ex Gov's name?. Ermmmmm.