Sunday, 24 July 2016

Lady preacher killed in Abuja buried. See heartbreaking photos

I cried at night when I saw these pictures yesterday.
This man is heartbroken. How on earth will he cope with seven kids?. How?.

Pictures from the graveside coming up.....

Lord,arise. This is the most heartbreaking photos of the century.
Please,nobody should say ,"It is well" because it is not well. The Police should do their job thoroughly. I trust they will.

May God in His Infinite mercies grant Mrs Eunice Olawale,rest in His bosom.



  1. So heartbreaking..May God heal and grant them the grace to bear their loss..May her soul rest in perfect peace.. God will surely deal with her killers.. Very sad#

  2. Stella Maris Baby..July 24, 2016

    So heartbreaking..
    May her soul rest in peace