Monday, 18 July 2016

Nollywood has two branches; Prostitution and Acting......Tony Fredrick.

Nollywood actor, Tony Frederick, says some actresses have divided the Nigeria movie industry into two factions which are acting and prostitution factions.

Speaking with Vanguard, the ‘License to Kill’ lead actor added that there are some actresses who are not too different from prostitutes.
He said, “It will be ridiculous for one to ordinarily say there are prostitutes in Nollywood because I don’t call those prostitutes actresses, they are simply prostitutes, sex traders who have infiltrated the industry and made it look like it’s a prerequisite for becoming an actress.

“They have divided Nollywood into two parts: Acting and Prostituting.’
They hide under the guise of acting to prostitute, meanwhile, in the main sense of it, they are just prostitutes.
“Prostitution is an industry on its own. I remember someone telling me that they’ve got registration; anyways, it’s easy to discern that this or that lady doesn’t have it at all as regards creativity in front of the camera, you know, apart from the good looks and their general craze with public show of nudity.
“But of course, by their fruits, they shall be known. It’s pretty easy to discern them. We call them gate crashers.
“It’s pathetic, but I know a lot of decent actresses who are doing very well,” he added.

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Irene's take(ITK)...Are you serious?. No wonder some have become millionaires overnight. But,if it is prostitution that gives them so much money,why are those ashis that have lived in brothels for years not millionaires?.