Saturday, 2 July 2016

These simple drinks will help you lose weight in days.

Instead of fizzy cola drinks that help us pack the pounds,there are drinks we can take that will refresh us and even aid in weight loss. They are;


 Staying hydrated is important when you’re trying to trim down. Sure, you can fool yourself into drinking more water, and research has proven that water helps your body maintain a proper fluid balance, stops water retention (a big cause of bloated bellies), and even increases the feeling of fullness so you eat less overall.

 Smoothies are a guilt-free way to hydrate—and watermelon is a terrific, low-cal smoothie base. Not only is it a natural hydrator because of its water content, watermelon is also loaded with nutrients, including cancer-fighting lycopene

 Pineapple itself contains bromelain, an enzyme that helps break down protein, ease digestion, and banish bloat.

 Besides reducing your risk of cancer and heart disease, green tea contains catechins, antioxidants that studies show can help reduce belly fat.
 Green tea helps you lose weight. If you sip a little before a workout, these compounds can also increase your fat burn during aerobic exercise.

5. LEMON JUICE IN WARM WATER: This is about the most effective of the five mentioned. A few drops of freshly squeeezed lemon juice in a glass of warm water,helps you kickstart the day. Lemon contains a whole lot of Vitamin C which keeps the skin in tiptop condition. Lemon melts belly fat fast.
You can use this therapy twice daily.