Sunday, 10 July 2016

Young girl escapes from ritualists in Port Harcourt.

This sounds like a scene from a home video but this is no movie,this is real life event.
A little girl was sent by her mother to buy some items from a shop nearby. As she was going,she said she saw a young man standing by a nearby church and the man said to her," Where are you going?. Your mum said you should come and meet her at XY supermarket". To which the girl said," My mummy that is at home,which mummy" and that was the last thing she remembered. This happened near Eleme junction and how she was transported all the way to NTA Road,still baffles everyone. She is twelve years of age and is not a child that moves around anyhow.

When she was taking long to get home,her mother went to the shop and they told her her girl did not come there. They checked other shops and they got the same answer. Panic then set in. It was also getting late and the little girl was nowhere to be found.

Then one early morning,a man that knows the family saw her somewhere near Eleme junction and he held her because from her looks,she looked "mad" and took her home.

According to the girl ,she saw her self tied up in an uncompleted building. Location was unknown to her. She said along the line,her thoughts started coming together,she remembered she was sent to buy something and she also remembered a man spoke to her. She was hungry,she was cold,but above all,she was scared. The man that brought her there just dumped her there and left because she was "sleeping",not knowing the girl was pretending to be asleep.

She was very scared because the man would come in to the room,go to the other room and start making calls,telling the people that this girl she brought is not like the other one he brought for them. She also said she heard him mention some jargons and started speaking a language she understands a bit. At that juncture,she knew she was going to die. That means she will never see her mummy and siblings again. Then,she went into prayers. The bond on her hands was loosely tied,so she was able to free her hands. She heard her captive tell the person at the other end of the line that they would see in the next two hours. It was still raining very heavily and the man took a bucket and went to a makeshift bathroom to bath. She said the gate of the compound was locked from inside but like gates found in uncompleted buildings,the under was still open as it has not been filled. A voice told her,Escape,Escape and she steathily ran to the gate and forced herself under the gate and was free.

Then,there was a little problem. It was dark and raining heavily and did not know where she was.

She followed one of the turns and started running. It was her race of life and she was crying and praying as she ran. Luckily,she came unto the major road and she tried flagging cars down,but no ome stopped.

As she said,she saw a man with an umbrella and ran to him and asked him where that place was,he said Mgbuoba and asked her what happened to her.She narrated her experience and where her house is situated ,the kind man gave her some money,told her how lucky she was to escape(as that area is becoming notorious for that kind of killings) flagged down a cab for her and told her how to get home.

She was at the bus stop near her home when that man that held her thinking she was mad ,saw her.

That was her story and i believe it was God only that saved her. Again,let us teach our kids NEVER EVER to talk to strangers.
We thank God for her life and may God bless that kind man that believed her story and made sure she left that area immeadiately because her captor may have started looking for her.


  1. Thank God for saving her..
    Na wah oooo!!!

    Some Pple want quick money thereby using their fellow human beings for money..

    Judgement day will be terrible..

  2. Omg. Thank God for her life. Many die like that

  3. Thank God for sparing her life.. Wicked people everywhere..