Monday, 15 August 2016

Anambra state;The Land of Milk and Honey

Do you know where that wonderful place in the picture is found?.
Ok,let me tell you. 

Anambra State
The Land of My birth
The Land of my ForeFathers
The Land of great Industries

Anambra State
The Land of Manufacturers
Land of Industrialists
Ezigbo obodo ego juru na ya
(Land of abundant cash)

Salutations to our Action Governor,Chief Willie Obiano. Jisie ike.

So,dear friends,what is your state and Governor's name? Is he living up to expectation? Or is he owing backlog of salaries? Let us talk about our leaders today.


  1. Eko noni. Ambode is trying from what I see on TV

  2. Okowa is busying hanging his lips open at events

  3. Replies
    1. May God help him pay salary o. Hunger dey land

  4. Okowa...hmmmm.. I haven't seen or heard of any dev in delta...