Friday, 5 August 2016

Another Nigerian lady excels in Shoemaking.

Michelle Ekure ,CEO of Michelleleather is a graduate of the department of International Studies and Diplomacy , University of Benin, but she is now a Shoemaker.
In a chat with Lukmon of Wazobia Global Times USA, Michelle talks of her Shoemaking journey.


Lukomon: So Why shoemaking?
Michelle: My inspiration is from God, I never knew I would be a shoemaker. I graduated from the University six years ago, after which I looked for for job, but to know avail. At sometimes I got employed by a company in Lagos, but the boss was owing too much so I left.
On how it started, there is this other company I buy sandals in Lagos and resell. They sell nice shoes, so one day I thought to myself that I can tell this people to make sandals for me with my label,  so I approached them and they said yes. That was how I got my first set of shoes. Then a friend introduced me to a guy that makes shoes. I watch him make shoes one day and I was amazed then I asked him to teach me and he did.

Lukmon: That's a lovely beginning.
Michelle: hmm. Thanks
Lukmon: So how do you drive sales and who are your target customers?
Michele: My target audience are Men of honours, people like the famous Nigerians comedian . I  make direct sales, but I drive more sales on social media platforms likeinstagram, facebook and twitter. Micheleleather sales per week is over 50 pairs.

Lukmon: Wow! That's a great number. You must be a workaholic. Do you have partners?
Michelle: No, maybe someday. But I have people that are learning under me.
Lukmon: How many are your apprentice?
Michelle: There are about 6 of them and more are still coming.
Lukmon: Talking about the Nigerian famous comedian Alibaba. We've seen pictures of you with him. Are you in anyway related?
Michelle: No we're not related, but he is like a father to me. He always want to see me succeed.

Lukmon: So, if not shoemaking, what would you have ventured into?
Michelle: Maybe work at foreign affairs of British council or UN  embassy. I love to be a diplomat .
Lukmon: Hmm. That might come to pass one day.
Michelle: Yeah. (smile)

Lukmon: So,  what's your advice to young ladies that are yet to find there ways out there?
Michelle: I always tell people I come in contact with that are looking for job to start something, anything you are good at can bring money to you or just learn a trade.
Lukmon: Is there anything else (e.g unpopular fun fact about you) you’d like to add that might be interesting to our readers?
Michelle: Hmm... Let them find out.
I'm a very interesting person be with though, I have my moment.