Monday, 8 August 2016

For an HND holder to be on the same level with a BSc holder,he must do this

The Ministry of Education has clarified that the harmonizing of degrees and higher national diploma awarded by universities and polytechnics is not an esay task.
Benjamin Goong who is Spokesman for the Ministry, denied reports that the dichotomy between Bachelors and HNDs had been abolished.

There are new requirements HND holders must meet to attain the Bachelors level

Two weeks ago, the ministry sent a memo to the National Council of Establishments (NCE) to institute a bridging program for the HND holders and the proposal was approved.

The bridging program is for HND holders who can attend National Teachers Institute (NTI) or any institution offering post-graduate diploma programs, before they can attain the level graduates can attain in the public sector.
“As per the approved memo, after the bridging program, HND holders will now be offered jobs from grade level 8 and finish at grade level 17 like graduates. Before now, HND holders were only allowed grade level 7 and finish at grade level 14.
“That is as far as it goes for now regarding the B.Sc and HND dichotomy. Both are still very different from each other,” he said.


  1. Buhari and his fellow dullards are killing Nigeria inch by inch.

  2. Source or I don't believe it

  3. Peace MensahAugust 09, 2016


  4. Well it will get better with time. Following the UK example may be.