Wednesday, 24 August 2016

God saved me from a bad accident

Yesterday,on my way home,a truck smashed into my car.
We were navigating a hilly part of a road and i gave him space because i normallyy do not trust these big vehicles' brake systems. So,the next thing,it rolled backwards. I could not navigate to the next lane because the lane was tight and vehicles were also lined behind me. I did the next best thing; i put my car on Park and jumped down.
The damage was done to the car but it was not extensive.See me see car body work in this hard times.

It is well. I was a bit shaky but i am okay now.
Thank God for His goodness towards me and other road users. Amen.

According to the Body Work guy who wants to Pimp the ride," small money go enter this work o". I just referred him to dh. Some things are better discussed by the menfolk abi?.


  1. Thank God for your life.

  2. Hmmmm thank God for you dear. It can only be God

  3. Hmmmm thank God for you dear. It can only be God

  4. Thank the most High God the Almighty. To Him be all glory given.

  5. God of mercy took care of everything. Thanks to him

  6. Thank God for keeping u safe dear..

  7. Ndiara truck drivers
    Thanks to God for safety

  8. God is faithful..
    So thankful for u..