Friday, 5 August 2016

Hurray. I am a Grandmother now

I am so happy. I am a grandmother now. My daughter gave birth to a bouncing baby girl,early morning yesterday,4th August ,2016 at Houston,Texas.

In the spirit of grandmotherhood,i wish to give out airtime to some lucky persons. Tenth to comment and fifteenth to comment,then a general one which can be given out anytime.

Mother and child are doing well .

Pic credit....Bonita/Favour


  1. I see you guys do not believe me.

  2. . Well,she is actually my very young niece. The mum,my sister,has gone to be with the Lord,so me and her other aunties are grand mas.

  3. O so sorry for your loss,d death of your sister.. Congratulations on the new born dear..

  4. Happy for you.... grandma hood

  5. Congrats.
    Motherhood rocks.
    Kiss her for me..