Saturday, 27 August 2016

Ofe Onugbu; Anambra Style.

Saturdays are days of cooking and storing in the freezer,for those that have power supply or generator.

Today,i am starting with the popular bitter leaf soup,called Ofe Onugbu. Let us go.

Dry fish(Mangala)
Palm Oil
Onugbu(Wash away the bitterness or you buy from a trader that washes hers well)
Ogili(the real one o).
Ede(pound very well or you cook till very soft and blend)
Knorr cubes
Salt to taste.

Method :
--Boil your meat and pọmọ till tender(Do not boil the dry fish with the meat because it will break into very tiny pieces.

--Set your pot for the soup on the fire,add the stock from your boiled meat,add palm oil and add more water if needed , then add the pounded cocoyam into the water. Add in small lumps.
--Cover and allow to boil till the cocoyam has all melted. Add more water if need be.
--Pour the meat,kpomo and washed and deboned fish into the mix. Add stockfish now.
--Allow to boil for a fairly long while to allow the ede(cocoyam) to "done" well.
--Put your ogili in a plate,add a little water and mix well. When properly mixed,add to your soup.
--Turn the soup from time to time so that it will not burn.
--Add your ground crayfish and pepper to the soup too

--Add salt,Knorr and ụzịza if you are using it)
--Add your onugbu(washed bitterleaf) and allow to boil.
--Taste for salt and pepper and if everything is okay,put down the pot from the fire.

--Enjoy with eba,loiloi,wheat,pounded yam etc.

.....Some people use other soup thickeners apart from ede for this soup. It is okay but remember ,if you really want it the Anambra way,use ede.

pic credit... Avarstycooking.


  1. Replies
    1. Perigini?
      Please,do not remove from the sanctity of Anambra onugbu soup biko.

      But on 2nd thoughts,you can add for the nutritional value*wipetears

  2. From your description,it looks so simple. The day I cooked it it was very bitter.

    1. Wash the onugbu well but if cant,buy from the market,then boil at home and wash for a little while and the remaining bitterness goes. Again,when you add onugbu to the soup,do not cover the post.
      According to an old wives tale,do not talk while adding the onugbu. Lol

    2. Hahahahaha...
      Another old wives tale is that you should add the onugbo with your left hand...

  3. I prefer oha soup to onugbu soup. Oha with ogiri is bae

    1. Same steps in prep,different veggie. Both are bae jor

  4. Haha I always can eat nsala soup often.....with semo

  5. Afang soup is my favorite

  6. Nice soup irene but my wife from Neni cooks better than you, I'm sorry and learnt from her also. Lol
    Remove long hard stalk from washed onugbu, poor into boiling water on fire, stir all, do not cover..allow to foam for 3 minutes..pour out into seive and dip into plenty cold water..before washing. The bitterness will go off and the dark green color will be retained.

    Cooking soup..set pot with little water on fire, pour rinsed onugbu and stir well..pour meat and fish stock do not stir add ede in small moulds on top, pour ground crayfish, pepper, dry uziza seed, red and Cameron pepper, maggi and salt, add spoons of red oil, add ogili Neni. Do not stir if not the fish and condiments will go down and stick under pot causing burns.
    Allow to boil and simmer for 10 minutes on high steam, then reduce and turn all melted items. Leave for another 2 minutes, it don't burn, it blends.
    Soup is ready.


    1. Hahahaha. Cook extraordinaire. You rock.

      By the way,regards to your wifey from me

  7. I don't cook my ofe onugbo with palm oil...I use palm nut instead!...
    Irene check it out and thank me later...