Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Pastor is beaten to a pulp in a gym

A pastor who took his preaching to a fitness centre has been given the beating of his life by aggrieved fitness fanatics.

Pastor Levi took the goodnews to Kakamega fitness gym in Kenya and his message was on gym goers who he called lazy gluttons who do not read the word of God.
According to him"

No one goes to the gym with plausible intention.

Allow me ten minutes to share a word with your members,” he pleaded.

“You are greedy eaters and drinkers who never fast and pray that’s why you have registered for aerobics. You spend thousands every month to cut weight when you could simply pray and fast then take the thousands to orphans and widows if you were true to the biblical teachings,” he said.

Then pointing at a pair of four ladies in tight training gear he added;
“There are ladies who come here with sole intent to get the body shape to win people’s husbands, those you call sponsors. That will take you to hell it is time to pray and fast the good shape and good husband will come with fasting,” he added.

Pastor Levi also told them that the gym wears were “satanic” dressing.

“What can someone not see in this woman,” he said as he pointed at a woman's cleavage.
“What is that man showing women in the gym?” He asked as he pointed at a man's bulging shorts.

Mama what are you putting on, who cannot see your husbands property? This gym is a house of lusting,” he said.

What he received after that speech was a brutal uppercut from a male trainer.

Then the women descended on him with kicks, blows and abuses forcing the gym owner to intervene and shield him.

Even prophets were roughed up some killed and put in jail,” he said before taking to his heels.