Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Port Harcourt Boys are the salt of the earth. Quote me.

For one to be called a real Port Harcourt boy,you must be in the Oil sector,directly or indirectly. You must be working in Shell,TotalFinaElf,NNPC,
Halliburton,etc. You are there as a staff ,contract staff or hanger on?. All join.

Again,you may be in the Oil Services arm of the industry or any affliated company or you hang out with the real PH boys. Then you are a Port Harcourt boy.

PHBs do not show off. No they do not. If you are a young lady and you are loved by a real PHB,babe,you are made. Leave the Abuja and Lagos boys,stick to your PHB.
These guys work in establishments,so you see them mostly in English wear. They almost always look like models from a GQ magazine. No kidding.
They are that good looking. Okay,truth be told,some are not so good looking but good outfits answereth all things,right?.

A real PHB loves his family and will do everything to make them happy. Trutogod. Then,if you are lucky and you get married to one that loves you COMPLETELY,mbok,thank the Lord.

If you are a lady and you love them tall,dark and good looking,please relocate to Port Harcourt. The home of real catfish and Original Bole and sauce.

Port Harcourt boys love to enjoy themselves. They make those millions in a month,so what better way than to take you round town,buy you stuff,then show you the stuff they are made of afterwards.
PHBS are rich,soooooo rich,cute,kind and downright sexy. What else could you ask for?.


  1. They are playboys,hit and run. I have dated two and one was a slimeball. Both are oil workers,shell and Mobil. The mobil guy was kind and spent a lot on me but his ex refused to leave him and he was too weak to act. I suspected he was still in love with her. As for the Shell Yoruba demon,forget him.

    1. No way. Just tell us what the Yoruba "demon" did na

  2. You forgot to mention that most of them have HIV!,..

    1. Chei. Any empirical evidence?