Sunday, 28 August 2016

Say the truth

You get home and open your bag and all you see is this huge amount of money. Looking around inside the bag,you notice that you picked the wrong bag. There is a purse inside the bag and it has an identification card inside it.

You are broke. You have N500 at home and you have less than N4,000 in your bank account. Things are rough for you and you do not know what to do. Above all,your boss has been owing his workers for four months. No salary. 
Then,this kind of money comes your way. What would you do?

Return it?
Keep it for yourself?


  1. I will take all and even relocate to another town. Opportunity comes but once

  2. In this hard times,i will take all.

  3. I will decide when such thing happens

  4. I will give it back. Bwahahahahaha

  5. I will take small, return the rest.