Saturday, 6 August 2016

The Catholic Women Organisation(CWO)

 Have you ever heard of the Catholic Women Organisation(CWO)?. The umbrella body that has every Catholic woman in it?.

Catholic Women Organisation is open to all married Catholic women and is a Support forum for it's members.

You know,people outside of CWO think it is an avenue to show off but truth be told,it is not.
The organisation goes out of it's way to help the poor,the needy,the Motherless and also everybody that comes in contact with it. I know because i am a member of this great Organisation.

If you are a Catholic and you have a problem,meet the CWO of your Parish. If you are a non-Catholic and you are in need,walk into any Catholic Church and ask for help. The Parish Priest,Seminarian and the people living in the Parish House(Rev Fr's house) will solve your problems or direct you to St Vincent de Paul group. St Vincent de Paul caters to ALL. Food,hospital bill,house rent and other bills ,SVDP helps out.

So,help the poor. Donate to any group in the Catholic Church. Especially the CWO and SVDP.
God bless you.


  1. CWO ndi nne mama!...
    Irene when is una august meeting?...

    1. Very soon but some churches have started theirs.

  2. Ndi NNE mama
    Chukwu bu ike Anyi..

  3. Gbam.
    That's what we are by God's Grace