Friday, 5 August 2016

This is allegedly the road in Senator Ekweremmadu's hometown.

According to reports,this is a road to Deputy Senate President,Ike Ekweremmadu's village.
I cannot categorically say if this is the road to Senator Ekweremmadu's town named Mpu in Awgu Area of Enugu State.

If you have been to that area,you will know that the area generally has one of the most difficult terrains to build a road. It is mainly hilly and the ground na correct stones,the type used in construction of houses and other things.

That notwithstanding,Construction companies are schooled in the art of building roads anywhere,no matter the terrain type.

Awgu people,help is on the way.


  1. Haba.. See road.. Whether its d dep senator's road or not, the place shld b accessible to everyone naw..

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  3. If this is really his town road,shame on him

  4. I dont really know if this is Mpu road