Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Watch Out. Your mechanic overcharges you through these means.

No matter how knowledgeable you are about cars,you will still be conned by your mechanic,especially if you are a "Woman-driver".

Listed below are major ways you are milked financially by him.

1.Trial and error
 A large number of mechanics have little experience and knowledge about the well-being of cars. Working on modern vehicles demands unprecedented talent and training. In the bid to fix the problem, more problems arise.

 2. Charging for unnecessary repairs
 A mechanic diagnoses a problem, repairs it and – surprise, surprise – the problem is still there. They then re-diagnose it as a different problem and repair that. Eventually, the mechanic repairs the original defect but charges the customer for all the repairs. In some other instances, the mechanic is fully aware of other faults in your vehicle but will keep mute so as to get you to come back and pay more.

3. Misdiagnosing something that is not faulty
 Sometimes to pad their bills, mechanics will tell a customer non-defective parts need to be replaced. Your brakes need to be resurfaced? They’ll tell you to get them replaced. Other parts on the car can be repaired? They’ll suggest replacement. Like unnecessary repairs, unneeded parts being sold to you are also a trick for major extortion.

 4. Purchase of inferior parts
 Mechanics in Nigeria are in this habit. The car owner pays for authentic parts for repairs, they will not only double the price of parts, they go as far as getting inferior parts which will eventually cause more damage.


Thanks to my former mechanic for these words; Bottom plate,Tie rod,Bushing,Kickstarter,Oil filter,Battery head,Camber,Fan belt etc. I am not very sure about the spellings but those parts kept "spoiling" one after the other till i changed to another mechanic and these problems stopped.


  1. Lol. Mechanics love clueless female drivers

    1. Exactly. I was once that clueless o. Not anymore

  2. They are thieves