Monday, 29 August 2016

What really killed Stella Oduah's son....Doctors

Doctors at the Nizamiye Hospital in Abuja have confirmed that Stella Oduah’s son, Maxwell Chinedu Etoromi, died after suffering a brain hemorrhage.

According to the doctors who spoke with Sahara Reporters anonymously, Maxwell was admitted to their hospital from Zankli Medical Centre - but unfortunately, he died almost immeadiately.

He said,
He was brought to us with the request that we admit him, and we said, why not?” on.Despite our best efforts he died in our care just 30 minutes after we admitted him. We could not do anything to revive him because he arrived in a coma.
He continued..
"We tried cardiac life support, but it was too late by the time he arrived.”

Another doctor who spoke to Sahara Reporters said Mr. Etoromi arrived at their facility with a “subarachnoid hemorrhage” on Thursday evening around 6PM and was already in the worst stage of coma possible, he died some 30 minutes later.

Subarachnoid hemorrhaging can have several causes, including a traumatic head injury, a bleeding disorder, or the incorrect use of blood thinning medication.
The doctors said they were in no position to immediately declare the cause of Maxwell's death, but said they issued a death certificate in which they reported that he had significant hemorrhaging.

A source close to Senator Ms. Oduah, a former Minister of Aviation, told SR that Maxwell had been given the wrong kind of medication after he had his tooth pulled at another hospital, which created complications that ultimately led to his death.


  1. There's something fishy about Chinedu's death. Why don't you wait for the main story.
    I smell sabotage. This obituary will finish Stella, she won't survive it. People are wicked.

  2. I heard he died of cocaine overdose.

  3. Still talking about this dude? Let him rest na

  4. Cocaine overdose? Wow

  5. People die everyday,is it becos he is a celeb's child?.Autopsy will determine