Monday, 22 August 2016

Where is Peter"Mr P" Okoye.

For sometime now,our favourite celebrity, Peter Okoye has been quiet. During Psquare 's "gbege time",he was very visible on all the group and his personal handles on Social Media.
Some days after their reconciliation,they told us that a new song is in the works.  
We are waiting.

I am in the mood for some real music and some testosterone -driven, hard  and completely beautiful dancesteps. 

Go Peter!Go Paul!! Go PSquare.


  1. Peter Okoye is back lol

  2. So are they back and making music?. I no understand this post

  3. Peace MensahAugust 22, 2016

    Tall,dark and sexy Peter. I love him too

  4. You know,Nigerians are sick of their drama. Don't be surprised if their new music makes no impact.