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Yoga exercises for flabby arms.

Flabby arms,also known as Christian mother arms are what every woman detests.
Jiggly arms are caused by body fat or age.

By practicing yoga postures, combined with a healthy lifestyle that includes regular fat-burning aerobic exercise and a healthy diet, you can work toward sporting the arms you want.

Effective Yoga Exercises for Flabby arms include;
Hands-to-wall pose: Stretch your hands out at shoulder height, point fingers towards each other almost touching, press into your palms, bend your elbows and lean your body toward the wall in front of you, hold for 15 secs and slowly push away from wall.

 Plank: Get down in a standard plank position but remember to keep knees and back straight.
straightening the arms.
Yoga poses that require you to use your own body weight or resistance are the most effective ways to begin. Here are some particular exercises for flabby arms that are proven to be more effective.

Hands-to-Wall Pose
Hands-to-Wall is a great example of a yoga pose to work on your flabby arms.
•Standing arm’s-length in front of a wall, place your hands at shoulder height.
•Rotate your wrists so your fingers are pointing toward each other and almost touching.
•Press into your palms, bend your elbows and lean your body toward the wall, resisting the whole way. Your arms may tremble, but that means the pose is doing its job of toning.
•Lay your forehead on the wall and breathe for five to 15 seconds and then push away from the wall slowly, keeping your body straight throughout.
•Repeat the maneuver up to 10 times.

Plank Pose
Plank pose, practiced on a regular basis, will tone your triceps very quickly.
•For traditional Plank, start off on all fours on the floor, with your fingers pointing forward.
•Turn your toes under and position your shoulders over your wrists.
•Lift your knees off the floor and straighten your body, neither lifting your buttocks too high nor letting your belly droop toward the floor.
•Breathe steadily as you hold Plank for 30 seconds; add more time as you get stronger.

Please,do NOT let the "Christian mother" into your life before you can start these Yoga moves.

Additional words by me.
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