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50 signs that show your partner may be cheating on you.

1.You find someone else’s hair in a place that it really doesn’t belong. For example, you’re vacuuming your carpet and find a long blonde hair or a string of braid that fell off and you have not fixed blonde hair or even braided your hair in months.
2. You find a receipt to a restaurant that you’ve never been to in their wallet.
3. Asks you ”Do you believe that it’s possible to love more than one person at a time?”, or something along those lines.

4. Suddenly has a desire to go out and buy a brand new wardrobe; a desire to improve one’s appearance is one of the biggest warning signs of an affair. Many cheating spouses like to look brand new for a new man or woman.
5. Suddenly cherishes their alone time a lot more than they used to. For example, you and your wife normally watch TV every night before bed, but one night she wants to read alone.
6. Your spouse wants to try new things in your s3x life. They may or may not give a good reason for it. This alone isn’t necessarily incriminating of course (most of these signs aren’t, after all), but it should strengthen any existing suspicions.

7. Beware if your spouse ever accuses you of being unfaithful. It’s a proven psychological fact that guilt and paranoia go hand in hand.
In other words, if your wife or husband asks you if you’re cheating, then chances are they’ve cheated on you. The more aggressive about it they are, the worst.
8. Have you ever found any gaps in your Internet browsing history? If you KNOW that your spouse was online during the gap, then you should question what exactly they may have been doing.

9. Has your spouse been recently seeming to pull away from you emotionally? Emotional distance is one of the prime indicators that an affair is either developing or already taking place.
10. Suddenly the gym is a top priority. Be on the lookout for your wife/husband to have a new burning desire to lose weight or build muscle.
11.Another one of the best signs of a cheating spouse is the behavior of your mutual friends.
For example, if your husband’s buddies suddenly hesitate to look you in the eye, or you notice that conversation dims when you enter the room, then he may be committing infidelity.

12. Okay, this one isn’t really a sign, but it’s important anyways.
Remember that cheating in a relationship can ALWAYS be discovered. Your spouse is messing up and leaving behind evidence, but you just don’t know where it is yet. There has never been a 100% perfectly secret affair.
13. This one is a little bit more geared for the suspicious husbands out there…Keep in mind that an unfaithful wife is more likely to be emotionally involved with their cheating partner than men. Be on extra alert for suspicious emotional signs.
14. Is your wife or husband keeping social events from you? Keep your eyes and ears open for any word of social gatherings that your spouse may be lying to you about. They may be planning to meet their lover at this party/event!

15. Have you been hearing more and more about only the weaknesses in you and your spouse’s marriage?
If you’ve been noticing that you and your spouse have been talking a lot about some of the problems and bad parts of the marriage lately, then it’s probably because they’ve been spending time thinking about problems so much.
16. Have you noticed any odd bills on your credit card statements?
17. Another closely related sign is that your wife or husband will start to have trouble making monthly payments on your bills. Financial irresponsibility of any kind should be carefully noted.

18. Do you notice that you’re always stepping on egg shells around your wife? Maybe your husband is constantly putting you on the defensive, seemingly every day giving you a new reason you’ve been irritating?
19. Remember that you can find a lot of clues on the phone. For example, have you ever noticed that your partner has a tendency to randomly take calls in the other room?
Perhaps you’ve even gone so far as to check your spouse’s phone, but lo and behold the phone records have been deleted! If you KNOW that the phone was in use and yet there’s no record on the phone (therefore proving it was deleted), then you should be really suspicious.

21. Another sign of cheating that’s related to the cell phone would be if you find texts from a friend that you either didn’t know they had OR that’s from someone of the opposite gender.
Check the contacts on their cell phone…A big sign of something fishy going on behind your back is if you come to learn that one of the numbers listed in your husband or wife’s phone is actually a fake name.
23. Obviously if your spouse is suddenly spending lots of time on their cell phones for un-explainable reasons, then that’s something to be aware of.

25. Any defensive behavior when you question what they’re doing on the phone is definitely incriminating.
26. The point of all of these signs is that you should be aware of the cell phone’s role in anyone’s affair.
If you ever get a gut feeling for any reason from something your spouse does on their phone, then you should immediately make an effort to record all suspicious signs you discover.
27. If you notice that your spouse keeps an extra change of clothes in his or her car, then that’s definitely something to be suspicious of.
28. Since ‘evidence’ often makes its way onto clothes, if your spouse is all of a sudden ready to participate in laundry, or frequently does laundry, then ask yourself what they could be hiding.

29. Many times you can pick up on signs with your nose…If you notice that your husband doesn’t smell at all like he just came from the gym, for instance, then where could he really have gone?
If your spouse ever smells like an unfamiliar scent, beware what they’re REALLY doing.
30. When was the last time you had a really important and meaningful conversation with your wife or husband, only to find out that they forgot everything you said to them (because they don’t really care).

32. Does your spouse list their marital status as single? If you combine the last two tips (find a hidden account with ‘single’ status) then you’re guaranteed that there’s an affair.
33. How often does your marital partner go out of town? Many times an affair can happen ‘in the moment’. In other words, a traveling spouse is more at risk then others.
34. Sort of the reverse of the last one, if you notice that your spouse is urging you to take a ‘relaxing trip to your parents’ or something of that nature, then ask yourself what they could want you out of town for.

35. How does your spouse behave around your kids (if applicable)? If they’ve been acting oddly, you should be concerned.
36. A good general tip: Be very careful and suspicious of ANY erratic behavior of any kind. Basically, any cheater is bound to want to change things in their life.
Since they’re probably struggling to find their identity, and because of that they’re bound to make big changes.

37. One example of a really big change you may notice: Your wife or husband suddenly questions their previous religious belief.
38. Unexplainably finds a reason to lend money to a ‘close friend’. Beware that they’re just using it as an excuse to hide any expenses you’re not supposed to know about. Remember that one of the key principals to learning how to catch cheating is to be able to judge when your spouse is lying about finances.

Does your wife constantly seem to be distracted?

Maybe you’ve noticed that your husband is in a state of day dreaming ALL the time? He won’t pay attention to your concerns, or he’ll just space out when you’re talking to him, for example.
If you’ve ever noticed this, watch out!
Do you notice that your wife or husband is suddenly talking about their problems to a close friend or coworker, but not you?
41. The truth about deception is that if you can figure out how they’re communicating, you can find out just about everything else there is to know.

42. Has your husband ever complained that he feels as if he’s losing his manhood? Any feelings of lost identity typically go hand in hand with a guilty conscience, as I sort of stated earlier.
43. How does your spouse view infidelity? Have you ever asked them about it? If they seem to empathize with cheaters, then they might be less than trustworthy.
44. Have you found receipts from someone else’s credit cards in your spouse’s car or pockets?
45. Similarly, you may have noticed things like movie tickets, bank receipts, sandwich wrappers, gift receipts, empty boxes…Anything like that can all tip you off to suspicious activity.

46. You should be on particular lookout for any condoms or condom wrappers that might be lying about.
47. If you ever take the time to do this it can really help tip you off to what your spouse is doing during their work: Take note of what clothes they’re wearing before and after work. If they change then they better have a really good reason for it.

48. Have you found any lipstick on his collar (or other places)?
49. When was the last time you got a call at your house, and the caller hung up before saying anything? It could be an emotionally attached cheating partner calling at an inappropriate time!

50. Similarly, if you notice weird late night calls start to occur with disturbing frequency, then that points to cheating.


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