Thursday, 22 September 2016

Be warned. Thieves are targeting your bags of rice.

Yesterday,something shocking happened near my neighbourhood. Yes,it concerns bags of rice.
A shop was burgled and ONLY bags of rice were removed. Eight of them.

The thief even went ahead to look for buyers for the bags of rice and that was when he was apprehended. A bag of rice goes for N23 or more depending on the brand and he was offering "his" bags of rice at ridiculously low prices. Also,the news of the robbery has circulated.
That was how he was caught. He has named his accomplices,reports say.

Another story said a woman bought two bags of rice and cartons of tomatoes,loaded them into a taxi and when she came down for the only other passenger to alight,the taxi man drove off with the one that wanted to disembark from the taxi.

Please,be careful. Rice is the new diamond now.