Friday, 16 September 2016

Born again Christian in trouble for posting near-nude picture of himself and wife

Onesmus Kinyua is his name and he is a spirit-filled pianist in his church. He loves God and he is married.
Bam!! He releases the picture below and all hell was let loose.

People came for him. Church members,friends,frenemies and haters. They accused him of being wordly and critized his wife for showing too much flesh. What flesh?.

He defended himself thus: I am new to Facebook and that is my first photo post. Again,we took that picture when we were looking for a baby.


  1. Badass muthafucka. Sanctimonious xtians will of course condemn him

    1. He was thrilled about his new fb acct

  2. Peace MensahSeptember 16, 2016

    Looks like two men o

  3. Which body is showing that they are complaining about?

  4. Hmmmmmm!! Was the post inappropriate or innovative? That is what should be decided first.