Saturday, 17 September 2016

Pastor kills self after realizing he mistakenly sent his nude picture to church's Whatsapp group

A pastor in Limpopo, South Africa, has committed suicide after mistakenly sending a picture of his manhood to his church Whatsapp group.
 Pastor Letsego of the Christ Embassy church reportedly captioned the picture “wife is away; it’s all yours tonight”, and bam,he pressed Send.
 The development is said to have stunned members of the church who questioned why a pastor would distribute lewd pictures on Whatsapp.

 When Pastor Letsego realised that he had sent the picture to the wrong recipient, he left the group, stopped answering his calls and killed himself the next day, the report said.

 Prior to the incident, the pastor reportedly forged close bonds with a female member of the church whose name was given as Miriam.
 He is said to have, however, denied that any amorous thing was going on between them.
 It is not immediately clear if Miriam was the intended recipient of the damaging picture.



  1. All man have sinned. He should have just changed environment and church.

  2. If that man was heavoly endowed,he wouldn't have killed himself. His dick was tiny and he couldn't face the embarrassment.

    1. Heavily or not,the embarrassment was way too mu ch for him

  3. That's y I don't allow just any MOG place hand on my head n pray.

  4. Hmmm who was he planning to send the pix to.

    I love your blog madam, keep it up.

  5. Women and sending man into suicide.