Thursday, 1 September 2016

"Return my son's corpse to me". Stella Oduah's ex husband tells her.

There is trouble brewing in the family of Senator Stella Oduah over the final resting place of her late son.
Her ex husband,Lt Col Satchie Emmanuel Etoromi,has cried out over news that his son will be buried in Stella Oduah's hometown of Ogbaru,Anambra state instead of Warri,Delta State where he hailed from.

The father said he read about his son's death from the newspapers like everyone else and that Ms Oduah has not till date,contacted him about his son's demise.

 The father has written a letter to Stella Oduah's father,His Royal Highness,Igwe Oduah to lay his complaint. The letter was also copied to the Archbishop of Onitsha,Most Reverend Valerian Okeke and the Parish Priest of Sacred Heart Parish,Father Donald Uzor.

This is so sad.


  1. Na man get pikin,whether alive or dead. It is our culture

  2. No idea,LaVidaLpca. But whatever it was that caused their separation,it really wrecked havoc in their relationship

  3. No matter what,the father owns a child