Monday, 26 September 2016

The Story of Humans,Attachment and Greediness.... Sylvanus Omoniyi.

I'm presently thinking about those children who have been taken away by Boko Haram members for over two years. I'm thinking about what their parents may probably be passing through. The emotional crisis. Depression. Anxiety. Scattered and unfocused thinking. Self-doubt. Loss of motivation Lack of patience and even paranoia. Those parents came into this world alone. They got married. They gave birth to children. They started a new life with their families. They got attached to one another. They love one another. They shared strong bonds. They hoped to live together in happiness and harmony for long.

 Until some people came suddenly and broke their bonds assunder, taking away their inestimable investments, their children.

Imagine the pain. Imagine the hurt. Imagine the sadness. Imagine the many years they have been together. Now, they are apart. They live in different worlds. Those parents continue to think about their children. They continue to live without knowing. They will cry, silently and openly. They will get angry easily and for no apparent reason.
They have a deep-rooted bitterness, which is the loss of their children. This is the story of love, humans, and attachment. We all come into the world alone. We meet. We relate. We attach. Our attachment usually becomes so strong that we don't want to lose one another. We have come to depend on one another for our existence to be meaningful. And when we lose one another, it seems as if we won't be able to live again. We would become depressed and lose energy. We would become miserable. We would become like those who don't exist.

Back to the Nigerian government, I had a discussion with a friend yesterday and we talked about many things. It is sad to realize that the government of Nigeria has done nothing for us. We pay for everything, including electricity. No insurance. No benefits. No good roads. No free buses. No social security allowances. Nothing. Why do we have a government and yet we keep suffering? Why do we have lawmakers? Go to some schools in Nigeria, they are a mess because the government has nothing for them. But there are always millions and billions to be stolen by politicians.
I have said I won't talk about Nigerian government and politics again but the things I see in my country everyday make it very difficult for me to keep quiet. Why do we continue to rot in lack while there is enough to go around for everyone?

Why are we in a recession? Why won't the economy capsize when Nigerian politicians are saving money for their fiftieth generation instead of building a better country for everyone? I thought they said Dangote is the richest in Africa? And he can't even save Nigeria in this recession? Nigerians need to know that Bukola Saraki and Aliko Dangote are greedy folks. They have no intention of helping Nigerians. They care only about themselves and their family.

Our greediness is killing us. The government should slash down politicians' salaries instead of selling national assets, as suggested by Bukola Saraki and Aliko Dangote. The people who brought this suggestion will be the ones to buy the assets and make life difficult for Nigerians again. We are truly in a mess. And I challenge us to think!


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