Saturday, 24 September 2016

Vigilante arrests man for raping an 8 year old girl in Benue State

A vigilante group in the Igbanonmaje area of Benue State has arrested an Okada rider identified as Daniel for allegedly raping an 8-year-old girl to unconciousness.

It was gathered that the suspect poured water on her to resuscitate her, after which he sent her home. The girl's mother became suspicious when she came back home walking with her legs apart, and the girl explained that Daniel forced himself on her after he had told her to help him buy food.
The victim’s mother was said to have raised the alarm, after the girl said Daniel inserted his manhood in her and did not know anything again. “She said by the time she woke up in his room, he saw the man pouring water on her,” a resident told Saturday PUNCH.

After vigilantes in the area were reportedly alerted, they went in search of Daniel who is a native of Ado Local Government Area of the state, and arrested him a few hours later and handed him over to the police.
He confessed to the vigilantes that even though he had tried to rape the girl, he left her alone because he could not penetrate her.
Because my manhood was too big for her, I could not penetrate and had to leave her alone,” he told the vigilantes, and also denied raping the girl to the point of coma.

The Police Public Relations Officer in the state, Moses Yamu, confirmed the incident, stating that the victim was now in police custody, adding that investigation was till ongoing on the case.


  1. He couldn't penetrate an 8 year old? So,that was the reason he stopped? He would have gone ahead? Jesus Christ. Where is the hangman's noose?

    1. He couldn't penetrate. Can you imagine?

  2. When they start killing rapists they will stop

  3. Stupid,demented,hellbound criminal