Thursday, 29 September 2016

Woman marries two husbands and lives happily with them.

How on earth can two men live under the same roof as husbands to one woman?.
Mai Svova is her name and her husbands are called Kephas Takawira, 40, and Tambudziko Svova,60 and they live together peacefully .

Mai Svova, her husband (Svova) of 15 years’ role is to provide food since he is gainfully employed while the unemployed Kephas gives her kids. peacefully,’ she said.
 According to her,
My first husband is the one who helps the family financially since the second one is still to get a job after he lost one. I married the second since my first husband is infertile to give me children and we discussed about it amicably. He asked me to take his nephew secretly to bear children with me but I refused because he was younger than me.

“Svova allowed me to look for another man to bear children behind his back and that is how I started dating Kephas. Svova had a daughter with another wife when he married me and Kephas dated this daughter behind my back since we are neighbours.
“I confronted him over it and he promised to stop dating her on condition that I disclose our illicit affair to Svova and this is how it came to light. I have two children with Kephas although Svova’s relatives believe that he is the father of the children. My neighbours were irked by the developments that at one time they wanted Svova to attack Kephas promising him support and the incident ended at Epworth police station where we received counselling,” she said.

She revealed that her relatives are aware of her polygamous marriage and has plans to help Kephas financially in order to pay part of lobola since he is unemployed.
Kepahs confirmed living peacefully with Svova saying he prepares food for Svova during mai Tafadzwa’s absence.
We are living peacefully with Svova and whenever our wife is away I prepare food for Svova AND WHEN THE WIFE IS WITH ME FOR SOME DAYS SVOVA SHARES A BED WITH OUR ELDER CHILD,’ SAID KEPHAS.

He also said that the neighbours know about their arrangement but guess what,"We are not bothered".