Saturday, 10 September 2016

World Wrestling Entertainment(WWE); A great way to spend your weekend

Years ago,i could sit at a spot for hours watching these buff guys beat the heck out of themselves. I loved the moves,the surprises and the countermoves. Oh,how i loved wrestling.

I grew up watching Undertaker,Shawn Micheal,Ric Flair,Rikishi,Stone Cold Steve Austin,Hitman,SuperFly and many others ply their trade. My dad was a Wrestling addict too so we always sat together to watch the matches.

l still remember Randy Orton's first match. He was nicknamed "The Legend Killer" for defeating an established Wrestling superstar.

Kane is the Undertaker's younger brother and WWE pitched him against his brother in a heart-wrenching match years back.

More photos....

One thing that endeared me to WWE was the wrestlers mode of entry.
Hulk Hogan,Triple H ,John Cena ,Ric Flair etc styles were awesome to me.

Nowadays,no much time for wrestling again because of many reasons. Then,they killed that fanaticism in me when i heard all that wrestling is just like Nollywood;acting.

Do you watch wrestling?
Do you believe it is acting?.



  1. Where is John cena's picture? Brock lesner and Dean ambrose?

  2. I loveeed watching wrestling.. Hulk hogan ,undertaker,john cena were my favs.. But got to also know evry na acting, #disapointedmuch

  3. I knew from my childhood because of the e at the end meaning entertainment

  4. These guys are sexy. I always imagined myself held tight in Randy Orton's arms