Friday, 14 October 2016

Accused rapist is too fat and his p3nis too small....Lawyer.

An accused rapist who is on trial in Canada could not have committed his crimes because he’s too fat and his penis is too small, his lawyer argued in court.
To beef up her argument, the attorney also showed the jury naked pictures of her chunky client.
Jacques Rouschop — a rotund career criminal known by the nickname “Porkchop” — is accused of choking and raping two sex workers in Vanier in 2013.
His lawyer argued last week that Rouschop couldn’t have raped the women even if he tried — because he has a hernia, and because measurements aren’t in his favor.

Rouschop’s hernia “makes it too painful to have sex from behind, his stomach is too large and his penis is way, way too small,” his attorney Natasha Calvinho said in court Thursday, according to the Ottawa Sun.
She passed around nude photos of Rouschop for the six men and six women on the jury to peruse.
According to a nurse who testified at the trial, Rouschop stands at 5’6” and weighs so much that he exceeded the scales at a jail, which go up to 320 pounds.
His waist is 66 inches, but his penis is only one inch — two when erect, the nurse said.
Rouschop's lawyer argued that the defendant turned to sex workers to fulfill his needs, but didn't abuse them.
“Due to his weight and his appearance, he will be the first to tell you that he has had a lot of trouble attracting members of the opposite sex, and that getting a woman’s attention, let alone having sex, was not something that happened very often for him,” Calvinho said.
One of the sex workers testified in September that Rouschop abruptly flipped her over, put her in a chokehold and yelled “Who’s in charge?” after paying her for oral sex in his car.
She remembered feeling crushed under his weight and having troubling breathing — but said she could not recall the size of his penis.
Rouschop, 44, has pleaded not guilty.


  1. The lawyer is a good one but his reputation is gone

  2. Talk about harmful defence. Now everyone knows the size of his "minor" man. Hmm