Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Another assassination has happened in Rivers state

Utchaychukwu wrote:
"Another APC killed again in RIVERS STATE just now
"Chai! It has happened again oh! Hon. Boris Neenwi from Yeghe community has been shot dead this night in Nonwa alongside three other persons who were with him. Boris Neenwi was a chieftain of the APC, a former councillor of Yeghe community who just finished his law program from Maiduguri a few months ago. He comments regularly on my page and was even online an hour ago.
"Two other guys from the same parents and a young girl were shot dead alongside him. So when will this killing end?."

Not again please.


  1. What is happening oooo
    God help us,intervene Father..

  2. Hmmmm. APC /PdP war of Supremacy