Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Hurraaaaaaay!!!!! Come celebrate with me.

I am happy. I am thrilled. I am ecstatic. I am glad. I feel like someone who is being sworn in to the highest office in the land.

Yeaaaah. This appreciation post is the 1000th post in my blog,irenebernards.com.
It may not mean much to you,but it does to me o. I just have to say Thank you,Lord. It has not being easy. Motherhood,school life and everything do distract me from frequent writing but I held on,though with the tips of my fingers....or so I felt sometimes.
It has not been easy. Many hurdles on the way but like Usain Bolt,we will run,jump and pass them all

You know,one hungers for something because the predecessors in that field have persevered and succeeded there.
So,to all my senior colleagues,God bless you all for blazing the trail.

Now,to the ones that make this blog interesting,I mean the great commenters,thank you and  God bless you all

.To those that read and move on,please drop your comments to show me that at least my stories are appreciated na. Even if e no sweet.
I look forward to the 2000th,3000th,15,000th and 1,000,000th posts with you.

Thank you,thank you and thanks a million.
I love you .


  1. We need to celebrate this. God bless you too

  2. Congrats NNE.
    The Sky is your limit.

    Hello Everyone

  3. Congra Irene!...
    You will get there soon...
    Watch and see!...