Monday, 17 October 2016

Just say the truth and nothing but the truth please.

This question requires a simple answer. Just Yes or No.

You are in a relationship and you found put your man cheated/is cheating on you. Your man is very rich,loving,ultra generous but had that one indiscretion of cheating on you. He is not a chronic cheater but this one you found out really hurt you.
He has apologised severally,cried,treated you to some real expensive forgive -me-gifts but you are still angry.
Your man spoils you,loves you and makes sure you are very comfortable. Above all,your man is,E-Money.

Now tell me,will you dump him and go on with your life?. Bearing in mind that he is a good man.
So,will you DUMP HIM?.
Remember,just Yes or No answer. No long thing.