Saturday, 8 October 2016

Kenyan woman pours boiling water on husband after catching him with his lover

An angry Kenyan woman identified as Polite Cheura, has severely dealt with her husband after she caught him cheating.
Her husband who is a 24-year-old soldier known as Paddington Mkototsi, is currently going through excrutiating pains following a hot water attack from his scorned wife.
According to H Metro, Paddington brought in his married lover identified as 32-year-old Nyasha Madziro, into his matrimonial home while Polite (also a soldier) was away on night duty.
Amebo neighbours alerted Polite to what was going on in her home and she came home,moved on to a neighbour's house and hurriedly boiled water , and charged into her bedroom where she poured the hot water on the lovers who were still in bed.

Speaking with H Metro on the incident, Polite said: “My husband is the one who takes over my shift so he took advantage of that to accommodate Nyasha in my matrimonial bedroom. Nyasha is an agent of a law firm and she hooked up with my husband after she convinced him to join a legal policy.
"I was not informed of the policy and the two started seeing each other behind my back to the extent of having s*x in my bedroom.

I wanted to scald him on his private parts and face and see if Nyasha was going to continue loving him; he is my husband who broke my virginity and we have a child together so I cannot let him be seduced by lustful married women like Nyasha.
"Nyasha ran out and I took her panties. I took the matter to Nyasha’s bosses and Paddington collected his belongings and left the house. Maybe he is planning to snatch Nyasha from her husband.

Mkototsi is currently receiving medical attention in the hospital


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